Lab Alumni

Traci DuBose
Traci Popejoy DuBose

PhD 2020

Postdoctoral Researcher, Virginia Tech University


Thomas Parr
Thomas B. Parr

Postdoctoral Researcher
(2016 – 2019)

Program Manager for the Great Lakes Inventory and Monitoring Network of the National Park Service

Noe Rodríguez
Noé Ferreira Rodríguez

Postdoctoral Researcher
(2017 – 2019)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Universidade de Vigo, Spain

Janell Hartwell

Undergrad Researcher and Lab Technician
(2014 – 2019)

Environmental Monitoring Technician, Tulsa, OK

Brent Tweedy
Brent Tweedy

PhD 2017

Science Librarian, University of Oklahoma

Kiza Gates
Kiza K. Gates

Postdoctoral Researcher
(2013 – 2016)

Water Science Team Leader for the Washington State Dept. of Fish and Game

Antonio Castro
Antonio Castro

Postdoctoral Researcher
(2012 – 2015)

Associate Professor, Universidade de Almeria, Spain

Kathryn Murphy

MS 2017

Patrick Olson
Patrick Olson

MS 2017

Pascal Irmscher
Pascal Irmscher

PhD 2017

Brandon Sansom
Brandon Sansom

MS 2013

PhD SUNY Buffalo 2019

Research Engineer, USGS

Carla Atkinson
Carla Atkinson

PhD 2013

Associate Professor, University of Alabama

Dan Allen
Daniel Allen

PhD 2011

Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

Heather Galbraith
Heather Galbraith

PhD 2009, MS 2004

Research Scientist, USGS

Dan Spooner
Daniel Spooner

PhD 2007, MS 2002

Assistant Professor, Lockhaven University, PA

Kathleen Reagan
Kathleen Reagan

MS 2008

Ferrella March

MS 2006

Environmental Programs Manager, Oklahoma DEQ

Melissa Moore

MS 2002

Michael Fuller
Michael M. Fuller

MS 1998

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, University of New Mexico

Sherri L. Johnson

Lead Scientist for the U.S. Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station, Adjunct faculty at Oregon State University, and co-PI for the Andrews Experimental Forest NSF LTER